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Ryanair simulator assessment (4hours)

Ryanair simulator assessment (4hours)

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Best simulator preparation for Ryanair

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    How to pass your Ryanair simulator assessment with just a few hours of training.

    Ryanair interview coming up? 

    Do you want to : 

    ✅ Pass your simulator assessment first time!

    ✅ Avoid failing like 60% of the candidates

    ✅ Land your job with Ryanair and start flying the Boeing 737

    ✅ Learn how to fly a perfect raw data ILS approach

    ✅ Safe at least €250,- on this specific program for Ryanair? 

    Then this program is for you. 

    Book your simulator session now or contact us if you have some questions! 

    How does the training looks like?

    1. online briefing

    During the briefing we focus on the Ryanair assessment and practice departure briefings, approach briefings, TDODAR / PIOSSEE / NITS and we go through the complete assessment. We will give you tips on the technical and personal interview so you know exactly what to expect!

    ✔️ You wil become a expert in briefings 

    ✔️ The knowledge you learn during the online briefing will give you new insights which will give you allot of confidence 

    ✔️ You will know exactly how previous candidates passed the assessment 

    2. Simulator session (1h)

    The simulator training will be a copy of your Ryanair assessment.

    - Raw data departure

    - Airwork exercise 

    - Non normal event 

    - Raw data ILS Approach

    3. Improving your skills (1hr/3hrs)

    After you experienced the assessment we will now focus on areas what we need to improve to make you 110% ready for your real assessment.

    " I failed the first time. The instructors helped me allot and I became much more confident, 100% recommend this sim prep" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Leon, from Spain

    • ✔️Exact copy of the real assessment

      Our training is a copy of the real assessment. You will know exactly what to expect and how to standout during your simulator assessment. 

    • ✔️High success rate

      The program is made by previous Ryanair pilots, so we know first hand how to pass this assessment since we did it our selfs. 

    • ✔️Level up your skills

      If you have not done the Ryanair APS MCC the level required to pass the Ryanair assessment can be challenging, we help cadets bring them to the level they need to pass the Ryanair assessment. 

    Frequently asked questions

    When do you have availability?

    Please send us a message on the contact page

    What is the pass rate?

    Around 80% depending on the 2hr or 4hr session you booked. We see a better result from students with the 4hr simulator session.

    How can I book the sim?

    Click book sim > Select time and date you prefer > Buy the training > We will contact your within a few hours.

    Why is your training different that the other simulator preparation programs?

    Because we have flown (or still fly) for Ryanair we all passed the assessment ourselves, so we know firsthand how to pass it. Our sim training is a exact copy of the assessment.

    How can I contact you?

    Please feel free to contact us for any questions you have, use the contact page.