Ryanair simulator assessment program

The best simulator preparation for the Ryanair assessment. Is you want to pass first time, then this program is for you.

How to pass your Ryanair simulator assessment with just a few hours of training.

Ryanair interview coming up? 

Do you want to : 

✅ Pass your simulator assessment first time!

✅ Avoid failing like 60% of the candidates

✅ Land your job with Ryanair and start flying the Boeing 737

✅ Learn how to fly a perfect raw data ILS approach

✅ Safe at least €250,- on this specific program for Ryanair? 

Then this program is for you.

Book your simulator session now or contact us if you have some questions! 

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Best Ryanair simulator prep

Specific Ryanair program.

This program is an exact copy of your real assessment with Ryanair, which means you will become very well prepared. This will increase your chances of succes by at least 79%.

In this game changer program you will

✔️ Become a master in showing great CRM skills

✔️ Become very confident in passing your simulator assessment

✔️ Standout along other students and pass your assessment easily

✔️ Show that you are the candidate they need

✔️ Demonstrate that you are trainable

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save money

Save more then €250,-

This program offers the most hours for your money. Flight training is already quite expensive, and with this program, you'll save a minimum of €250,- allowing you to keep that money in your pocket.

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great location

Based in Amsterdam

The training will be given in Amsterdam, many daily flights from all of Europe. The sim is located 15min from the airport. We can arrange a hotel near by the training center

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  • The Ryanair sim assessment Value €900,-

    A sim program specific for your Ryanair assessment helping you to get 110% ready to pass your assessment. We offer 2 hour or 4 hour packages. The price is the same for 1 or 2 persons.

  • Online briefing Value €100,-

    Before attending the simulator you will receive an online briefing. Everything you need to know about the simulator and the assessment will be shared.

  • 10% discount with PASS Value €10,-

    Pass is a great online assessment program that helps you get ready for your online assessment and practice interview questions.

  • Land the airline pilot job BOOK Value €24,95

    You will receive a copy of the book "Land the airline pilot job" which covers everything you need to know to PASS your assessment.

  • Free C.V. Value €10,-

    If you don't have a C.V. yet, we have a free pilot C.V. for you.

  • Total Value €1.034,95

    Normally we offer the program for €750,-

    we have a Special temporary offer of


    limited availability

    Book your sim below or if you have any questions please use the contact page.

  • 1. Online briefing (1h)

    During the briefing we focus on the Ryanair assessment and practice departure briefings, approach briefings, TDODAR / PIOSSEE / NITS and we go through the complete assessment. We will give you tips on the technical and personal interview so you know exactly what to expect!

    ✔️ You wil become a expert in briefings

    ✔️ The knowledge you learn during the online briefing will give you new insights which will give you allot of confidence

    ✔️ You will know exactly how previous candidates passed the assessment

  • 2. Simulator session (1h)

    The simulator training will be a copy of your Ryanair assessment.

    - Raw data departure

    - Airwork exercise

    - Non normal event

    - Raw data ILS Approach

  • 3. Improving your skills (1hr/3hrs)

    After you experienced the assessment we will now focus on areas what we need to improve to make you 110% ready for your real assessment.

Make your dream a reality

Reviews from previous candidates!

Danny, 31 - London, UK ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great training, it covers the complete assessment. Helped me pass, for sure!

John, 29 - Munich, Germany ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Very good training, passing your simulator assessment will become easy. Because you know what to expect.

Jake, 24 - Burgos, Spain ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for everything! It was a pleasure!

Daniel, 30 - Dublin, Ireland ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

absolutely awesome! I felt completely ready after this training, 100% recommend!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I book the simulator training?

Click on book sim, there you can choose between 2hr or 4hr sessions, select the time and date you prefer.

Is this program a copy of the Ryanair assessment?

Yes, a complete copy of what you will get in your Ryanair assessment.

Where is the simulator training?

We offer the training in The Netherlands, location is near the airport Schiphol (about 15min with a taxi)

Can you help me with a Hotel?

Yes we can, please contact us after your booking and we can help you with a hotel near to the training center.

Book your simulator training below

Only for pilots who are applying for Ryanair.